Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memories Manor 2011 roommate gift

I had my buddy Ann whom I do alot of scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff with as one of my roomates and this year we were in a room with new friends Roxanne and Jen.  Jen had made us a cute little notepad and Roxanne a square paper thing.  I felt horrible not having gotten them anything (I always want to do that and then always forget when it comes time to packing what I need for the weekend) So I made this scrapbook page for them.  There is a So Saffron base piece under the Memories Mannor decorative piece of 12x12 to make it a little stiffer.  I used pretty in pink for the letters cut out w/a die cut machine and to layer the picture.  I used retired paper for the butterflys and of course the grograin wide ribbon.  To add a little bit of sparkle threw on some rhinestones and called it good.  I took a close up of the ribbon. It is one long piece just layered on top of itself held w/tape in between each layer.  I should of used sticky strip to hold it better but didn't have any with me. 

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