Monday, August 31, 2009

Remarkable Retreat in Pennsylvania!!!!

It has been a really long time since I have posted anything, I have been so darn busy this summer with work, the kids, vacations, and getting ready to move to a bigger house that I have not had much time at all. I did make time to take a weekend away with my friend and sideline Ann. We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania last weekend for a Remarkable weekend away. Our upline Janet Wakeland was the host of this fabulous weekend away and she did one heck of a job - I can't wait to go again in April. I have several pictures to share with you right now and will post some more in a few days - I have almost 300 pictures to go through. Be sure to check them all out and I will also have a tutorial for the purse/scrapbook page at the end of this post in the next week or so. First off is a picture of the Christmas project I made to swap, it is just a wooden plaque that I painted white, added some rub-ons and some die cuts made with the big shot. I also recieved a gift in return but have not gotten to the picture of that yet, it will come later.

Here is the bag I put my christmas gift in.

The desk clerk was so darn kind to make a copy of some directions for me that I wanted to make a quick little thank you gift for him and run it back up so here is what I whipped up at 3am the first night (that was when he made the copys for me). There are leaves around the whole box.

Here we are the Michigan girls - on the left is Dinne Gill, Ann Finton, myself, and Mary Swan. Ann and I drove out together, Dinne went out alone and Mary made a vacation out of it traveling out before the retreat with her darling husband Bill.

I also whipped up this little gift for my upline Mary Swan - she is a great gal and I am so thankful to know her.

The theme for the weekend was Jungle Safari so it was quite interesting when Ann and I were leaving Monday to wait on a Tiger before leaving the hotel. This is the hotel's garbage person in his Tiger truck.

Front view of the tiger, notice his plate of Gr-rrr

When I arrived back home, my children were so happy to see me. I gave them the hats and glasses we recieved at Saturday nights dinner - they have had such a bal with them. First up is my 2yr son Bryce (he never wears glasses on his eyes)

Next up is my 2yr son Brayden who usually wears his glasses correct but decided to follow Bryce this time. How darn cute are they.

Finally is the purse/scrapbook page that I took for the share table, I had 4 pages of email addresses left with it wanting directions so I am in the process of making a step-by-step tutorial for this project - the post will be coming soon. Here is the folded up outside look of them.

And here is the inside open view of them - I didn't include the outside open view but you get the idea. Be sure to check back often as I will be starting to post more and more and I am going to start offering classes soon.

Thanks for checking out my blog as always.