Monday, April 25, 2011

Door prize

Ok so I was debating on where to start my bonus week, so I decided to start you in order of how these things came to be.  I spend a weekend each year with a great group of girls that I met on Split Coast Stampers.  We are all from different parts of Michigan, and there have been anywhere from 50-75 girls that meet up for the past several years.  There are also apx 20 or so of us who meet up a few times throughout the year for a day together or lunch/dinner together.  With all that being said, the girls who organize the big once a year weekend put alot of hard work into making it a successful weekend.  Thank you Pattie, Tracy and Lorien for the wonderful job that you do. 

This first item is what I created as my door prize for the weekend, whoever would like to pick a door prize brings a door prize.  The theme this year was food for most of our challenges, cards, etc.  For my door prize I found this large wine glass and used the decor elements sheets, and my cricut to cut out the design.  I placed some items from my local craft store, along w/a card and some candy inside.  My friend Dawn Marie picked my prize....let me tell you everyone did such a wonderful job that it was a very hard choice when it was your turn to pick.  Thank you Dawn Marie for choosing mine.
I definately can not speak enough about all of these girls I have met and made friendships with.  I am a little closer to some than others but I absolutely LOVE them all and would be lost w/out them each day to talk to.  I feel so honored to have such wonderful friends.

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