Friday, April 29, 2011

3D Swap

We also had the option of doing a 3D swap for the mingle. My focus here was not the note book but I needed to add that for my project which was the book mark to demonstrate how it works. I made these in two color combos.  The first was black, red, and white while the other was pink, brown, and white.  For my book mark I found a large button I liked at my local craft store and started by putting my ribbon through the button and sewing it by hand to hold it in place, I then wrapped my ribbon to my desired length, cut it and fold it around a rubber band and sewed it again by hand to make the book mark.  On my hearts, and letters I used glitter paper cutting them out the shapes I wanted.  The MM stands for two things that I do w/these awesome girls.....Michigan Mingle and Memories Manor.  I will be sharing Memories Manor with you in May after we go - a much smaller group of us go there but we still have just as much fun.

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