Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cd box - tutorial

1 - 8 1/2 x 11 sheet white glossy cardstock
1 - 8 1/2 x 11 sheet scrap paper
some sort of cd
pencil, black marker, color marker to match
stamps and ink
embossing tool and ruler
apx. 30 inches of ribbon
sponges or cotton balls
First you want to start by tracing your cd onto your scrap piece of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.
Next cut that circle out, and fold in half one way and then the other way - I drew pencil lines to show where you needed to fold at.
Next lay the scrap circle onto your cd and move just slightly to mark a small mark with the black marker at all 4 points on the cd and then use your ruler to draw your lines all the way across your cd with the black marker. You can throw away the scrap paper circle as your cd is now the template to use. Set this aside for a moment.
Now get your sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 white glossy cardstock, use sponges to put on ink and stamp to your desired look across the whole glossy side of the paper.
Flip this over and on the back side trace your cd, then line up 2 of your black lines with the lines on the circle and trace again.
Next move the cd to line up 2 lines with the lines on the circle and trace, do this all the way around both circles - the next picture shows what it should look like when you are done.
Now put your paper on something soft, with your embossing tool - emboss ALL of the inside lines only.
After you have done that, cut out the outside. Then picture below shows what it should look like after you have embossed and cut it out properly.
Now, start with the inside of both circles and crease along your score lines. Check the picture below to see how it should look at this point.
Then finish creasing all of your score lines. Now your box is done and looks like the picture below when opened.
Set this aside for a minute and get your ribbon. Use your matching color marker and color your ribbon, this dries fairly quick so you can use it right away.
Now put whatever you like inside your box, tie your ribbon around it and it is finished. Below is my finished picture from this tutorial.
If you are not able to understand somthing in my tutorial, please feel free to email me with any questions. I tryed to make sure I didn't miss anything by writing it out as I went as this is my first tutorial. Also, if you use the cd - you can get 2 boxes to a sheet but if you want a bigger box - you can use a cool whip lid and get 1 box to a sheet.

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Chrissy D said...

FABULOUS!!! I hope you do not mind, but I will be linking this to the Christian Paper Crafts Magazine forum! Thank you!