Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alzheimer's Blog Candy Give Away

I will be sending this card to our local alzheimer's Trellis Garden for a caregiver there. I also will be making up quite a few more to send with it but this was the first I finished. I decided to do this when I came across a website by Carolyn talking about her grandmother who passed away in June from alzheimers and it made think about how hard of a job these caregivers really have. To take care of someone everyday who might or might not know who you are and just continue to do it because you truely care about others is a great thing. Carolyn decided to do a big blog giveaway of over $1000 in prizes to one person.
I have also decided that not only will I be sending this now but will continue to make some cards to send to various caregivers just to say "thanks" and let them know that they really do a wonderful job. Make sure you check out Carolyn's blog and give some of yourself to someone that you don't know just to say thank you. There are many other great things on her blog besides the give away so check them out also. I used the stamp set Autumn Harvest and inside wrote a personal note.

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