Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MI Mingle - Bay City - 2009

Hello Everyone,
I spent the weekend away from my husband and kids - my first time ever leaving my kids and not having at least one of them with me. I went to Bay City for the MI Mingle and had a blast, this is where we stayed at - the Bay Valley Resort. I met alot of the girls I chat with online along with some new girls that I have started some great friendships and hope to continue growing on. I will in a later post, put some of the cards and stuff that people made on here but for now, putting all my wonderful friends. I didn't get a chance to have a picture taken with all of the ladies I would have liked too but these are the ladies I did get a chance to have a picture with.
Me and my roomie Ann.
Pegg and me - such a fun girl.
Myself and Joyce - great lady.
Lorien, Debra and myself - wonderful girls.
Tracy and myself - great gal.
Emma taking a pooh on the floor (just a joke).

And lastly a great big THANK YOU to Kristi Ferro of Hanna Stamps and Karen Desmet of ArtDeclassified who both did great demonstrations and gave us alot of awesome gifts. They are both from MI, which I didn't know until this weekend. I didn't have the pleasure of getting to know Karen very well however, I did get to know Kristi and she is just an awesome, awesome lady - such an inspiration. Kristi, her friend Judy, myself and Ann all did some shopping together and then I sat with her and Judy afterwards just talking, stamping and coloring - it was such a great and wonderful time. I have gotten the chance to continue some great friendships that were started online and start some new ones at the mingle - it was such a blast!! I can't wait for next years mingle but until then, I will be talking with all my girls and meeting up with them here and there.
Kristi and myself.

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Debra said...

It was so nice to meet you! I wish we had more time to visit. Or that I would have taken the time to visit more!!! I feel like I didn't do enough of that. Looking forward to meeting up with you again.