Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ann tagged me!!!!


My friend Ann tagged me, and this is my first time being tagged on something like this. Here is what I have to do. I have to go into my pictures folders, go to the 6th folder, 6th picture and post it on here for you guys - wonder what it will be - here we go!!
Awe....a picture from our snowflake social this year - one of my fellow demonstrators made this to exchange as a gift. I am sorry but I am not sure as to which demonstrator it was or I would share that with you all. So now to continue the fun I need to tag 6 people myself - I pick..........
1. Dawn - Dawn's Stamping Thoughts
2. Beate - Fresh and Fun
3. Carol - Stuff by Carol
4. Becky - Inking Idaho
5. Patty - Patty's Stamping Spot
6. Dannie - Dannie's Designs
I had a very hard time picking who to use, so I just picked mine at random by some of the blogs I check out - be sure to check them all out and have fun. For those of you I tagged, here is what you need to do.
Open your photo folder on your computer

Open the 6th folder of photos

Select the 6th picture
Post the picture on your blog with a description

Invite six friends to join the challenge

Link your six friends to your blog post

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